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An image of a toddler squatting down to play with a wooden toy train on a wooden toy train track.

At Arrow Speech Company we specialize in working with children in the areas of play & social communication skills, echolalia, language, and the communication challenges associated with autism.  We have a neurodiversity-affirming, child-led approach to supporting children and their families.  We believe all play is valid and we strive to support children to be intrinsically motivated to communicate in a variety of manners with those around them.

What we offer:

  • speech and language evaluations

  • therapy in a variety of locations (typically up to 3 times per week)

  • See below for skills most typically addressed

  • Check out our FAQ section for more detailed information about sessions.


  • Child-led therapy 

  • Introducing new play experiences while honoring special interests

  • Building trust, engagement and rapport through play

  • Moving from people play to toy play to imaginative play while supporting the child's developmental journey.


  • Targeted therapy for children who demonstrate delayed echolalia 

  • Identification of children who are 'gestalt language processors' (process language in 'chunks' rather than single words)

  • Family coaching to support the development of self-generated language 


  • Expressive and receptive language difficulties/delays

  • Language processing


  • Flexibility of thinking

  • Perspective taking

  • Conversational skills and peer interactions 

  • Social-emotional language development

Areas of Development Most Frequently Targeted

Katie has helped our child in so many ways.  The biggest thing by far was teaching us how to connect with him through HIS play.  Once we did that everything came so much easier.  She truly got him...and us.


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